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Channel 22 News

Hard Hitting in the Groin! Where it Counts!

Sarah World
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The Only News Channel That Brings You News You Could Honestly Care Less About
Channel 22 News: Hard Hitting in the Groin! Where it Counts!

Graphic by tempestquill.

Channel 22 News came around during the writing of a J2 fic by tempestquill. It was created by rah_ram. rah_ram decided to keep it going and therefore has decided to explain a few things.

1. None of this is true, however it could be true, and I (and you) do not know this.

2. This is all in my deluded mind in a place called Sarah World, friends find it hilarious so I figure why not share it with the rest of the outside world.

3. The name Channel 22 News came from a 1961 novel Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.

Catch-22 is a term coined by Joseph Heller in his novel Catch-22, describing a paradox in a law, regulation or practice in which one is a victim regardless of the choice he makes.

In words, Catch-22 can be expressed as: "C requires (is implied by) A and B; If A then not B; If B then not A". In formal Propositional logic symbolism this can be expressed as "(A ∧ B) => C, where (A => ¬B) and (B => ¬A)". In this example, in order to leave the Air Corps (outcome C), you must be both crazy (proposition A) and request to leave (proposition B). If you're crazy (A) then you won't request to leave i.e.(¬B). But if you do request to leave (B) then you're not crazy! i.e.(¬A). Thus you can never leave (C cannot occur).

-Sarah Williams and the rest of the Channel 22 News (as dictated by our 37th President, The King, and Cassie with her visitor's pass)

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